We know firsthand that sustainability is the key to prosperity.

That's why we help organizations access opportunities for sustainable growth
Business Strategy Public Policy

We are committed to bringing sustainability to a region that’s ready for a new chapter.

sustainable business

Sustainable Business Growth

The future is green. We help your organization get a solid business foothold in this growing sector.


Public Policy for Peace

We help achieve peace. The region is ripe for wise public policy and peace-building.

What do peace and prosperity look like in a business plan?

At the Mashora Group, our mission is bigger than a balance sheet.

We’ve experienced the effects of regional conflict and the erosion of opportunity firsthand. But, we know that sustainable business is the key to lasting peace. We work with businesses, investors, governmental agencies, and NGOs and believe in a comprehensive, collaborative approach.

We partner with those who share our vision of a brighter future in the Middle East and Africa.

The groups we serve have bold ideas and positive intentions. What they might lack is an awareness of local context. They need experts in policy, and access to the right partners, to see their projects put into motion. That’s where our understanding of local context is key.

What can the Mashora Group do for you?

Conditions are rapidly changing throughout the Middle East and Africa. So, our approach to consultancy is multi-faceted and flexible. We are able to assist in a wide variety of projects and settings, including:

  • Conducting data-driven research for governments, investors, and businesses
  • Facilitating introductions and discussions between public and private stakeholders
  • Assisting organizations that engage in Peace-building efforts with strategy development
  • Guiding the creation of green technology initiatives and turning them into actionable plans

While these hint at the scope of our work, they don’t necessarily convey the impact we help you create. We excel at bringing great ideas to light, improving public trust in government and business projects, and turning opportunities into reality. 

To learn more about our expertise in these areas, and how we can put it to work for you, contact us to schedule a consultation.

A different kind of strategic partner.

It’s easy to see a wealth of potential throughout the Middle East and Africa. Generational changes are on the horizon. A vast volume of international trade exists. New technologies and perspectives are blending with existing relationships and traditions.

To execute positive change in this kind of environment takes more than policy. Initiatives require an understanding of the opportunity, and the skills to see it through. To accomplish anything real, you need people who can help you get it done.

What separates us from our peers is the depth of local knowledge and commitment we bring to the table. We aren’t outsiders looking for an opportunity; we are local experts seeking to improve the future for millions of people. No one works harder than we do to create lasting change. We strongly believe that economic prosperity is the key to lasting peace and we are determined to make it a reality.

Let’s work together for a brighter tomorrow.

Whether you’re looking to establish a foothold in the region or move your sustainable project forward, we can help. We have the insights you need to get past the planning stage and make a lasting mark on the world.

To find out more about how we can help, contact The Mashora Group today to schedule a consultation. We are happy to meet with you and explore the opportunity to work together.