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Unlock green funding, expand your sustainable business to new markets and contribute to sustainable development regionally and across the globe.

We help realise corporate initiatives to create a better planet, enabling prosperity for investors, businesses and the localities in which they are situated.

Profitability and sustainability go hand in hand so long as you have the right minds on the problem. To embed ESG values in your organisation’s initiatives, you need specialist input from those who understand the specific challenges of the region, industry and economy you are operating in.

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Our curated consultant network integrates public and private sector expertise to highlight opportunities in a wealth of areas:

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After you submit a brief summary of your project requirements, we’ll arrange a discovery call so that we can ascertain your needs and match you to the right consultant in our network

Depending on the project, we will either connect you directly to an expert, a team of experts, or we can manage the delivery of the project ourselves, looking after operational factors like costs and deadlines.

We won’t simply pass the baton once you’re connected to a consultant or team. Mashora will remain on hand to ensure the right expertise is provided, and we can guide you through the process of hiring, signing contracts and payment.