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Sustainability and Ethics TrendSights Analysis 2021 – Mounting Concern and Engagement around Social and Environmental Challenges Globally

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Sustainability and Ethics is one of the eight mega-trends that GlobalData covers as part of our TrendSights series of consumer insight studies. It reflects mounting awareness and concern surrounding the scale, complexity, and interdependence of shared social and environmental challenges globally.

The modern world is heavily influenced by resource depletion, intensifying pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss. These challenges are serving as a wake-up call as societies gradually adapt to more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. The inadvertent environmental benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic have compelled consumers to reassess their dependence on indulgences such as animal products and carbon-intensive behaviors such as air travel.


  • The pandemic prompted consumers to become more mindful of a range of environmental and social issues.
  • The move towards a flexitarian diet has prompted consumers to embrace more sustainable food and drink choices in a broader range of categories.
  • Social activism is more evident in younger consumers, while localism has a much broader appeal.

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