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Why join Mashora?

Join our growing community of consultants and experts, as we work together for a

common purpose, addressing sustainability issues including, but not limited to:

Sustainable infrastructure

Peacebuilding initiatives

Economic diversification

Intergenerational equity and social inclusion

Renewable energy and climate change policy

Employee health and wellness

Fintech and sustainable finance

The Mashora name is synonymous with leading sustainability insight. If you have country

and sector-specific market intelligence to offer, if you can offer tailored support or advice

on ESG, or other sustainability challenges, we want you to be a part of us.

Our purpose

Together, we work to uphold a triple bottom line: people, profits and planet. We

integrate public and private sector insight to enable a sustainability that

creates prosperity in every sense, both for the clients we work with and for the

stakeholders impacted by their initiatives.

Mashora is your platform, giving you access to a number of fascinating

projects, plus promotion through publications and podcasts. We also have

plans for future networking opportunities and events.

How to join

Built in response to regional conflict and global crisis, Mashora is a network of leading sustainability experts. Founded on first hand experience of civil war, we draw upon industry- and country-specific expertise to optimise your projects to prosper people, profit and planet.

Access support

If you need additional support, access a range of services to help you build your public profile. Available for a small fee, these range from presentation feedback and support to editorial services for your articles which can be published in our expert contributed sustainability articles.

Gain referral fees

Whenever a project comes your way that is outside your expertise, or requires more than one consultant, refer them to Mashora and you’ll gain a financial thank you for the business.

Are you ready to join our growing community of sustainability experts?

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