The Mashora Membership

Insights, Strategy & Networking in the Middle East and Africa

The Mashora Membership

Mashora members benefit from expert analysis, advice, and unique convening and networking opportunities.

We identify emerging business opportunities in the Middle East and Africa. Whether you want to enter or expand into new markets, our consultants offer tailored support and professional insights.

We help you navigate existing risks and introduce you to local stakeholders. Our strategic advice ensures your success in a new business environment.

Our tiered membership scheme offers tailored benefits. Members can choose a service tier that best fits their needs.

You may want to include access to our consultants, for example. You could also raise your company profile by including our specially-designed events. Or you choose to enjoy our country and sector-specific market intelligence.

The Executive Tier*

For businesses that value networking opportunities.

  • In addition to the benefits of Premium, the Executive Tier allows you to “own” your event curated by our experts. The goal is networking and tapping into new opportunities.
  • Our experts bring together targeted speakers and attendees from industries and government.
  • For an effective engagement, we recommend between 25-40 participants.

£15K Annual Membership

*Limited member spaces available.

The Premium Tier

For organisations that need regular expert analysis and advice.

  • Engage directly with our consultants and industry experts for ad-hoc and bespoke consulting.*
  • Premium Members receive all the benefits of the Standard Tier, plus access to our consultants.
  • Benefit from our team’s expertise that cuts across countries, sectors, and big-picture themes. Let us filter out the noise of daily news for you.
  • Get invitations to Mashora Group and partner conferences and webinars.

£10K Annual Membership

*Up to 2 hours of consultant access monthly.

The Standard Tier

For SMEs seeking timely insights that impact decision-making.

  • Our consultants deliver weekly summary and analysis of economic, political and sustainability developments.*
  • Members also receive regular Special Briefing reports on major new developments.

£5K Annual Membership

*50 Mashora Digest Reports in a year.